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Gabriele Forberg

Lifetime chairperson of the Board of Trustees since 1997

Studied political science and philosophy with Eric Voegelin, Kurt Sontheimer, and Ernesto Grassi. Brief “guest appearance” on the EEC commission in Brussels. Journalist training and freelance work in broadcasting and press. Freelance activities in publishing

Editor and translator of books of fiction, architecture, photographs, and art

Editions (selection):

  • Gustave Doré, Das graphische Werk, 2 vols.,Verlag Rogner & Bernhard
  • Eugène Atget, Lichtbilder, Verlag Rogner & Bernhard

Translations (selection):

  • Jean-Claude Garcias: Charles R. Mackintosh (Birkhäuser Verlag), together with Achim Schneider as Anton Maria Belmonte
  • C. Moore,  W. Mitchell and W. Turnbull: Die Poetik der Gärten – architektonische Interpretationen klassischer Gartenkunst (Birkhäuser Verlag), together with Achim Schneider as Anton Maria Belmonte
  • Vladimir Nabokov: Deutliche Worte (Rowohlt Verlag), isolated texts
  • Vladimir Nabokov: Eigensinnige Ansichten (Rowohlt Verlag), isolated texts

She always pursues a political objective in her thoughts and actions, as she did when establishing the Forberg-Schneider Foundation in 1997 with her husband Achim Schneider, who died in 2000.